Take advantage of IIC’s capability to deliver a “Total Solution” that drives results in revenue generation, waste reduction, for both organic and inorganic by-product and waste streams.

Maximize Revenues

IIC’s deep understanding of organic chemistry, operational technology, global feed and pet food markets, commodities, and animal nutrition produces higher revenues per unit than any other by-product management firm. Our experience and industry relationships in recycling, rendering, and feed manufacturing enable you to achieve maximum results across the broadest set of challenges.

Minimize or Eliminate Waste

An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. IIC’s comprehensive audit of your facilities’ process and materials, and our familiarity with best practices, will enable you to optimize waste avoidance.

Improve Compliance & Security

Keep pace with the ever increasing complexity and stringency of regulations. All of IIC’s facilities are Safe Feed / Safe Food certified. In regards to by-products, we can help your firm implement and maintain best practices to ensure continual compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act.

Simplify Management

Why work with a dozen firms when just IIC will do? Organic, inorganic, liquids, dry materials, plant or animal origin, one material, one facility or fifty facilities, IIC can do it all.

Reduce Financial Risk

Achieve higher more predictable financial results by using IIC’s expertise in commodity risk and contract management.

Continual Improvement

See your returns continue to improve as IIC’s research and development opens new markets and finds new applications for your materials.