By working with IIC your firm now has an unmatched breadth and depth of capabilities.


No other by-product firm offers the breath of operational capabilities that IIC does to address your needs. With ten manufacturing facilities, IIC can process materials coast to coast. IIC is expert in all modes of transportation, supplies a variety of internal logistical options, and is able to de-package, grind, screen, blend, roller dry, spray dry, distill, enzymatically convert and more.

Animal Nutrition, Research and Development

IIC’s staff of PhD animal nutritionists, food scientists and chemists is devoted to finding ways to add value to your materials. No other firm can do as much, or has the history of success, in turning low value by-products into value added feed ingredients.

Sales, Marketing & Distribution

The world’s growing feed demand is at your doorstep as IIC’s global network of customers and distributors provide access to ingredient market products in nursery pigs, sows, dairy cattle, veal & dairy calves, companion animals, aquaculture and more. 

Industry Relationships

With IIC, you have a powerful advocate and expert in industry. IIC employees are active members of influential trade organizations such as the American Association of Feed Control Officials, American Feed Industry Association, U.S. Dairy Export Council, American Dairy Poducts Institute, Sweetener Users Association and more. IIC’s participation and influence can help prepare, protect, and gain benefit for your firm in the areas of regulation and trade policy.

Industry Partnerships

IIC delivers solutions in cooperation with renderers, recyclers, dried bakery firms, waste management firms and more. The breadth of our commercial relationships enables IIC to meet the needs your complex challenges.