Have confidence in getting the optimal value with IIC’s simple and transparent approach to pricing.

No Fees

IIC does not charge fees for our activities. That means no up-front charges, and no charges for travel, time, materials, consulting, or reports etc.

Materials Purchased

For any materials processed at IIC facilities, IIC must out-pay any competitors ensuring you get the highest market value.

Materials Managed

If the optimal solution requires a material to be processed by a third party, such as a waste hauler, IIC will retain a predetermined rate per unit. This rate is transparent and generally quite small.


It is IIC’s mission to increase the value of by-product material. Overtime, as we achieve greater success, we share the value added-benefits with our clients in the form of higher pay prices and increased services.


We can meet your contractual needs. IIC has cooperatively developed and signed countless by-product contract and confidentiality agreements. We can offer unique contractual solutions to whatever your situation may require. IIC makes commitments to take 100% of the materials, 100% of the time, and process the material in an environmental safe and confidential manner.