Dairy and Veal Calves

Dried Cheese MR

Spray-dried real cheese for a nutrient dense source of milk fat and milk protein that is dispersible in milk replacer applications.

Nutri-Gold® Dried Milk

Research-proven source of dried milk produced from fresh, wholesome dairy-case milks.

Peptide Powder 80

Proprietary combination of dried partially hydrolyzed vegetable proteins and partially autolyzed yeast designed to be soluble/suspendable in solution and have a low antigenic value compared to other vegetable protein sources with large molecular weight proteins.

ProMax™ Spray Dried Bovine Plasma

Quality spray dried bovine plasma with high solubility (>95%). Highly digestible amino acids and functional proteins (immunoglobulins) to maximize feed intake and intestinal health of young calves.


Excellent source of highly soluble and digestible sugars, oligosaccharides and fat. The palatability, digestibilty, and high energy content make Solu-E an ideal ingredient for on-farm milk replacers.

Calf Milk Ingredient 10-22

An economical source of fat and milk protein from water dispersible food products for on-farm milk replacer applications.

Chocolate Rumen Optimizer

Economical source of rapidly fermetable sugars and rumen-friendly fat for optimal rumen performance, palatability and energy in transition and weanling calves.