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IIC products are well suited for the export market. Each export product is manufactured by IIC and fully researched and supported by our expert staff of nutritionists. IIC products are characterized by enhanced handling characteristics, including free-flowing and non-hygroscopic materials, as well as nutrient dense ingredients,optimizing returns over shipping costs. With more than 20 years of export experience, IIC’s export department offers a full range of products to meet your needs. These products are available for export:

Dairylac® 80

Preferred and research-proven granular, ß-lactose enriched, dried whey product, providing 80% lactose.

Nutri-Gold® Dried Milk

Preferred and research-proven source of dried milk produced from fresh, wholesome dairy-case milks.

Milk Chocolate Product

Real dairy chocolate nutrition and palatability, research-proven to partially replace dried whey and to eliminate the need for flavors.

Chocolate Candy Feed

Excellent palatability and source of simple sugars for pig starter applications to aid in feed intake post-weaning.

Cheese Plus Cheese Product

Premium dried cheese product, providing research-proven milk nutrients and cheese palatability.


All-dairy, perfect blend of cheese and whey products research-proven to fully replace dried whey and provide the palatability of cheese.

Five Star Booster

Unique, research-proven complex of highly digestible sugars, oligosaccharides, organic acids, and natural candy flavor and palatability.

Candy Oats

Cooked oats are combined with a complex of highly digestible sugars, organic acids, candy flavors and palatability to provide the ultimate combination of functional carbohydrates for starting weaned pigs on feed.


Research-proven product complex to enhance sow feed intake and performance in late gestation and lactation.

Bakery Meal

High quality bakery meal, providing a rich source of energy for swine, poultry, and ruminants.


Natural prebiotic and immunostimulant research-proven to enhance growth performance and survivability of healthy and stressed aquatic species (proven in a wide variety of fish and shrimp species).


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